Sanitary Bins

Are a mandated necessity that all Ladies lavatories are fitted with a sanitary waste bin. There are no specifications a sanitary bin needs to have but there are firm fundamentals that will keep your rest room clean and fresh-smelling, along with warranting your customers have a pleasing experience using the facility. 

Sanitary Bins with Lids

All of our sanitary bins are fitted with a secure lid. This prevents any overflow of products or bad odours from being deposited and keeps the washroom looking presentable and hygienic. An open top sanitary bin can look unsightly, which for your business or public washroom can be off-putting to potential users. Opting for one of our many closed-top bins will ensure your female customers never have to worry about this, as well as allowing them to deposit their sanitary waste in a contained and clean unit!

Sanitary Bins with a Chute

A chute is designed to take the sanitary waste into the bin on a slope, without the user having to see or touch any of the other waste that has already been deposited! This makes them the most hygienic sanitary bins available, as the sanitary products are kept securely inside the bin, ensuring no leaks, overflow or bad odours are able to escape!

Pedal Operated Sanitary Bins

To avoid having to touch the bins completely, our pedal operated bins are perfect! Simply place your foot on the pedal and the lid will be lifted upwards, allowing the user to put their sanitary waste inside. With hygiene standards constantly increasing, this feature will be extremely appealing to washroom users and will encourage them to want to use your facilities again in the future!


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