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Project Type : Residential Cleaning

Providing a clean and hygienic washroom for employees and customers.

Providing Lidav sanitary bins?

Sanitary bins services to all sanitary waste. Pedal-operated, versatile to suit all cubicle sizes, providing a safe and hygienic solution and are well scented  with granules to create cubicle ambience

Lidav sanitary bins add  a splash of colour in your washrooms

With our new colour range of hygiene bins that are available in three colours and three finishes – to match customer’s own washroom decoration or brand as well as building high standards of hygiene.

We install and maintain your washroom hygiene solutions, manage and dispose of sanitary waste whilst ensuring compliance with all local legislation and environmental regulations.

Creating the right environment and brand experience for your guests is essential. A poor experience could be damaging to your business, impacting customer loyalty, making them less likely to return.

Clean and hygienic facilities, communal areas and washrooms play a key role in turning an average stay into a great one and are some of the most important factors when recommending a hotel to friends and colleagues.

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